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Posted 12-05-09

Thread: Hot Wheels Delivery Cases Available

"Get your cars where you get your information. --1stop Diecast"

While I am happy for your business, I don't believe this is the proper forum for you to advertise and sell. If other members get moderated for posts like these, then you should as well (nothing personal), as this post should be located in the "FOR SALE" section of this site. It would be simple for all to see your post in the appropriate section. This site needs to be FAIR and EQUAL to ALL Members, not just a select few, which seems the case sometimes.

Posted 12-05-09

Wow-- so many Super Special members, with special privileges. I was unaware that non-moderators could also accomplish this. Wish I had a Super Special membership.

Hot Wheels-- the most nutritious metal cars in the world!

Note: Here, HWC admins had already deleted nspo's signature "Hot Meals - Eat That" graphic.

Posted 12-05-09

The moderators have been informed that 1stop Diecast has a business relationship with Mattel and the marketers would like Fred to post like this.

If anything changes, that is between the marketers and Fred.

So please, do not hijack his threads.


nspo  RLC™# 18673

Hey, I just tried to post a reply to the Breakaway Bucket thread, and was interrupted by a moderation message!

Chris says it happened a month ago, and I should ask Cruzinrod. Gee, nobody bothered to threaten, warn, or even inform me that I'd been moderated. That's sweet of them.

My wife suggested it may be personal. Surely not...  

scott386  RLC™# 31282

Yep... They still think one guy is a threat.  

nspo  RLC™# 18673

Looks like that'll be my last visible post, as I've been relegated to the Un-Approval Queue forever. Or, as a certain someone said:

I think you are aware of your posting that special members get special privileges, which is not true and disrupts the forums.

It IS true. He said so himself. Special members get special privileges, so stop hijacking his thread. And I'm sure at this point Roger would deem my clearing my throat as disruptive.

Also, apparently you downloaded information from HWC, copied pages from HWC and used Mattel intellectual property on your website... I have been told the Legal Department is looking into what options Mattel has... I know nothing else other than moderators were contacted by Legal.

I'm betting it was the other way around— Legal was contacted by a moderator. Betcha. And after all this time, they've never thought me worth even sending a "cease and desist" letter.

Moderation remains in effect until we hear otherwise.

See? Forever. Until they "hear otherwise" from some unnamed invisible (and probably non-existent) entity. But I haven't been banned— they'll still take my money.

armataz  RLC™# 1903

Holy crap! I was going to joke that maybe they read the Blue Real Riders site... who'd have thought it would be serious enough reason for a ban? What happened to freedom of speech offsite? Amy used to tell me to take my stuff offsite if I was going to gripe about something... Today, they are even condemning you for spoofing outside the site.  

beerchamp  RLC™# 21651

I think this all started when someone told Cheri (mort3) to go over and read your BRR site, because she PM'd me in a huff over something I said about her when she moderated me.

I think she then got Roger to read all the stuff about him too, and they both went crying to the admins...

Lame, really lame from the clowns running the show.  

crum_a  RLC™# 43020

Great. That means they are going to have a hard-on for all of us. I would have loved to have seen Cruzindick's face as he read some of those PM's and posts.

Tom, maybe you should change your sign-on name to "TOMantis".

I'm also wondering what the tone of the Admins/Mods will be next year. They seemed to be in denial this year. At some point, I'd imagine that the reality of this club "circling the drain" will have to set in on those guys. A lot of people tend to not give a **** once they come to grips with the fact that the ship is headed to the bottom. Do you guys think that the Mods/Admins are going to start easing up or do you think that they will keep the blinders on and keep blaming various members for the Club's demise?

quantum  RLC™# 34272

I'm sure they'll always be able to find scapegoats: people single-handedly responsible for Mattel losing money.

nspo, I didn't know you immortalized my posts (aka Very Special Intellectual Property) on the BRR Club website. I'm calling my lawyer as soon as he catches up to that ambulance.

At least you also got my Tibetan protester remark in there. I sometimes think my sarcastic witticisms are not truly appreciated...

beerchamp  RLC™# 21651

Well, looks like 36 won... He has mentioned several times that he thinks the Admins/Mods play favorites w/me... but late last night I lost my posting privileges... Oh well, life goes on.

I could see my post getting pulled, but I really don't think I should have been moderated over it. I just wonder if Cruzinrod was looking for something to hang me on. If so... thats pretty weak. And I wish someone would tell me how long my ban is... 30 days? FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRR?

Tom, make room on the bench!  

nspo  RLC™# 18673

Sure, newbie. Come have a seat twixt Mantis and me.

Here's an unrelated thought: Did you see Chris' story about the Convention?

Originally posted by HWC Chris:
Next thing you know, everyone is getting me with the silly string. I don't know if you guys have ever had that stuff sprayed onto you in that amount, but the fumes from that can are crazy. I could not get a breath of fresh air until someone cracked opened a hole in the silly string. I looked like Mickey might have sneezed on me with all the different colors that were on me...

Wish I could've been there.

I carry a lighter.

HWGreg  RLC™# 1111


quantum  RLC™# 34272

I asked how long the duration of my current moderation was, and was told that I was using other IDs and that would determine the length. I've never used other IDs. (Like I'm so desperate to post? Please.)

Then Chris jumps in and gets me outta jail? STRANGE!

I posted a suggestion a while ago that most of the mods here suck ***, and they should choose new ones. Kind of like "career politicians" that are more interested in benefitting their own bottom line as opposed to serving the public good.

Bone Shaker is ok, but the rest of them - meh; especially cruzindick with his favorites list, and his penchant for moving threads of members he doesn't like.

Just another reason why they should periodically change mods: the more comfortable they get, the more free license they think they have.

As further proof: Chris tells him to let me out, and he still hasn't fixed my posting priv's. Since they're buds, I guess he can defy Chris and get away with it.

crum_a  RLC™# 43020

Maybe I should do a Poll on whether we should have term limits on mods.

scott386  RLC™# 31282

Yeah... See how long that stays up.  

redryder31  RLC™# 22294

It doesn't seem to be very difficult getting moderated around here...

armataz  RLC™# 1903

I think that the HWC seeks out this type of personality, and this is proof that power corrupts. We can't sneeze without someone getting moderated or banned.

Roger is not the same person I knew 4 years ago. The moderaters that have managed not to be turned, no longer post on this site outside the chat rooms or trade boards.

I've been told by one that they have asked to no longer be a mod because they no longer wish to play the power games the HWC asks of them.

scott386  RLC™# 31282

Tom... Time to update the BRR site with more stuff about everyone's fave mod.

Okay... I wrote some Bible Versus.