The Night of the Moderator
"When they came for me, there was no one left who could protest."  Martin Niemoeller

E-MAIL 04-05-09

E-mail Message: Thread is Gone

I'm done here. I've been booted from the boards. I posted a thank you to Darren (cars4dylan) for picking up some things for me at the convention; that thread was removed.

They even removed SHILO's where he thanked me for the 442's I sent him. It looks like they'll hang anyone by using the "guilt by association" clause. They didn't even read it, just hit the button.

NSPO, you are correct, the rules have changed. They say bashing or arguing with other members is cause for moderation but it has now evolved into a tool to silence any criticism of Mattel® or any employee thereof.

I was also told that members are not allowed to publicly defend other members' posts or voice their displeasure with the administration's decisions, otherwise they risk moderation as well. How's that for censorship?

Posted 04-06-09

Originally posted by PLAYINGMANTIS:
I wouldn't have asked the question about our enthusiasm being taken for granted or abused, because the answer's an obvious, overwhelming YES!

However, if you say so, then you will be labeled as negative by the crowd that thinks that Mattel® can do no wrong. The only thing cheerleading does is undermine those in the membership that try to hold this club to a higher standard.

Thinking like this could get you banned... Oops, too late.  

Posted 04-06-09

Originally posted by mikitch:
PLAYINGMANTIS, I noticed that lately you have been very outspoken on these boards and I agree with everything you say. Not many members tell it like it is, but it's just a matter of time before you are taken off these boards. Be careful.  

You can't say that people weren't warning him!  


Save the Cheerleader, save the world!

Posted 04-06-09

Originally posted by Rex Monaco

I see rumours of YOUR demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Posted 04-06-09

Hmmm... but which Rex is it?

KIRK: Everything's all right, Mr. Spock... for us.

SPOCK: There is, of course, no escape for them, sir.

KIRK: There is, of course,
no escape.
How would it be... trapped forever
with a raging madman at your throat
until time itself came to a stop?
For eternity.
How would it be?

SPOCK: Captain... the universe is safe.

KIRK: For you and me.
But what of Mantis?
What of Mantis?