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Posted 1-3-09

The New SouthPark Order's scientific research team conducted track testing on behalf of the Blue Real Riders Club using two different track set-ups. One was a 3-foot drop, 22-foot length track. This duplicated our efforts of about a year before. In that session, due to vagaries of the track itself, we couldn't determine which of four cars was actually fastest. When the competition got down to those four, lane choice and repeated runs seemed to yield random results. In testing this year, only one of those four was still among the top cars.

The other track set-up was based on a Hot Wheels 2-Lane V-Drop track set. This creation had a 6.5-foot drop (from the top of an open closet door), but was only 15 feet long— including a few pieces of regular track added to the flat. The factory set seemed designed to measure which of two cars would fall the fastest. But we wanted to test physical properties such as inertia, friction, and momentum, more than simple gravity.

However, both track set-ups were still too short to yield conclusive, definitive results. Again, when the subject field narrowed to the fastest few, the finish results would randomize. Using two tracks did yield one benefit— when that randomization happened on one track, running the cars on the other track set-up, with different characteristics, would narrow the field further.

Based upon this research, out of a huge, wife-annoying pile of cars, we chose the four fastest ones to send to Rhode Island. These cars were:

2007 First Editions 1966 TV Batmobile 5sp— We started running this just for kicks, but it kept beating everything, including our RLC cars.

2006 First Editions 70 Plymouth Superbird FTE— Mattel's "Faster Than Ever" wheels don't seem to make much difference, and we didn't expect much from this one, but it did well... turns out that, in the discussion, tcooper (RLC# 42781) had suggested this model.

2006 First Editions Chrysler 300C Hemi FTE— Again with the "Faster Than Ever" wheels, this car was well-used, but it seemed to have become faster with age. People like the over-hyped FTEs; this one had been suggested by moparcrazy2 (HWC# 407875).

1997 First Editions Ford F-150 5sp— Over a decade old, plain and boring, this was the one vehicle among the fast four from a year ago that was still fast this year.

As the deadline approached, the BRR® Club staff sent our entries, on official BRR® Club letterhead:

On behalf of the Blue Real Riders Club and the New SouthPark Order, I would like to submit the enclosed four Hot Wheels cars for racing on your awesome track.

Our five-year-old Club Officer, Michael, approved this action after intensive track testing— or extensive track testing— generally, tense track testing proved that these cars are among the fastest of the approximately 150 we tested. We have many more... but get real— that's a lot of work, and our main test driver has the attention span of a five-year-old.

There is a probability that these cars will be the fastest 3-inch diecast cars ever produced on the planet; twice as fast as your infamous Killer Z! That probability is very small. However, if one of these cars do defeat the Datsun, we expect awards, prizes, and many fabulous women. If the cars do not win, we are at least interested in knowing the E.T.s these things run on the 50-foot, to determine the level of respectability to afford them.

Overall, this endeavor may be explained by the statement released to the public— meaning, my father: Michael and I are sending Hot Wheels cars to Rhode Island to race on a big track there, mainly so we can say we sent Hot Wheels to Rhode Island to race. It makes us sound like big scary Hot Wheels Dudes, thus potentially gaining us many fabulous women.

The enclosed cars must be maintained in an environment of below 25% humidity and above 35 degrees Farenheit. If these conditions are not met, the cars may become slower than the aforementioned Datsun. And if that happens, we'll know it was due to inappropriate handling by the Post Office.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Good luck, and may the best cars win! (Of course, whichever cars win will obviously be the best cars; that statement doesn't make much sense.) Nevertheless, we look forward to... I don't know... stuff.

Posted 1-13-09

jim lombari  RLC™# 2594

OK, here are the results of the January race to take out the Datsun. Well over 200 cars faced the speedway, and at the end of the night the Datsun still reigned supreme, turning a time of 3.74. JR's Mega-Graphic Funny Car fell short; it was the fastest Hot Wheels car of the night but could not beat the Datsun.

Jimbo's RLC Batmobile from Michigan did a quick 3.83 and went a few rounds before other cars in the competition took it out.

Gary from Tipp City, Ohio, sent 19 contenders. His 1983-issue "Hot Ones" black 82 Supra did a 3.88. His 2000 Side Kick was a 3.97, and the rest of the cars were in the 4-second times.

Vinnie from Hubbard, Iowa pretty much had the same times. The "Faster Than Ever" T-Bird Stocker did a 3.88 and the 1995 NY Toy Fair Chevy Stocker pulled a 3.94. All the other cars were in the 4.0s.

The red Ford pick-up from Nebraska had a time of 3.89. The rest of the cars that came to us from the Blue Real Riders Club were all in the 3.91 to 3.93 range. Good times but not fast enough. You guys sound like a lot of fun goes on at your club, but I don't think I can provide any women like you suggest.

Well, the February meet is just a few weeks away, so get your cars in. I will be shipping everyone's cars back tomorrow, and thank you for racing.

Since its creation in 1976, the Neet Streeter has never had windows.

You can change that.

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Since its creation in 1976, the Neet Streeter has never had windows.

You can change that.

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