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quantum  RLC™# 34272

Kind of saw that coming; I'm sure you did also.

For what it's worth, I think lots of people feel the way you do, AND they're getting tired of the heavy-handed tactics.

Interesting how they're telling people they're moderated – I found out the hard way a while back.

clamjuice  RLC™# 35801

Very well done!

I too have been moderated for speaking my mind.

I don't see why Roger aka cruzindick believes that he has to publicly tell everyone that he is moderating everyone.

He always adds his pretentious statements when he brings down the hammer. I wonder if he knows how much of a dick he really is.

The difference between him and me is I KNOW I'm a dick!

MrT  RLC™# 46744

I see cruzindork has moderated you too... It's been 9 months for me.

Cruzindork has even ragged on my sig, saying Vampirella is on the edge of being vulgar. I was kicked off the boards 9 months ago for merely teasing Hypermitehoarder as being the abusive mother I never had. Next thing I know, I'm unplugged from the boards with no warning.

I once mentioned to him I hoped to meet him at the Reston convention, and he took it as a threat, telling me he was going to call law enforcement in his area to have them call the law here on me in my county. The guy is totally a "can of smashed assholes" and has a screw loose. Who put the crazies in charge of the crazy house?

By the way, great work on the Star Trek toon.

beerchamp  RLC™# 21651

Wow, looks like I was lucky being off the computer for one week. (Or was I?)

How the hell am I going to get thru the month without your extremely well thought-out posts?

Posted 04-07-09

Locked Thread: Is It Me Again?

Well, I'm guessing I've been moderated. My original post on negativity disappeared. Anybody have any insight as to why? There was a lot of good discussion going on. Oh well. I just want to thank everyone who posted on that thread for the civil way in which you handled the topic. I don't know what went wrong but I appreciate your posts anyway.

"Thanks For Noticing Me" - Eeyore

Edited—your thread was removed because of inappropriate replies, thanks

Posted 04-07-09

Who knows who'll be left after all the      

Posted 04-08-09

I have to agree with you, Scott386.

Dreaming about Blue Real Riders... can you ever really have enough

Posted 04-08-09

This is definitely the year of the dancing locks and deodorant sticks – that's for sure.

Posted 04-08-09

Deleted Thread: Have The Rules Changed?

I have been away for several days and came back to find several regulars on this board are moderated (not mentioning names because evidently that can lead to moderation). I don't want to use the word "censorship" but it seems that only those on one side of the argument were moderated. Have the Admins/Mods changed the rules on posting and if so what are we NOT allowed to say these days? Maybe pom poms fend off moderation.

Dreaming about Blue Real Riders... can you ever really have enough

Posted 04-07-09

Nope, it's always been a dictatorship. We may speak freely, but we do not have free speech here.

Posted 04-08-09

Yeah... It's probably best to drop this subject, it is a little touchy.

Posted 04-08-09

I myself have no friends amoung the admins or mods. I have heard that there are certain people that can push things a little further because they have such friends. I have felt in the past the rules have never been changed, just how they are enforced. Best thing I have found to do is ignore the petty argument and stick to what you believe is right. That should keep even those that are more likely to be moderated out of reach.

Posted 04-08-09

Things just keep getting sadder and sadder around here. However, the few 'cheerleaders' on the site are still going strong. No fear that they will lose their voice.

Pretty soon those of us who do have a dissenting opinion, will not express it, nor voice how we would improve things around here. When that happens, all they'll have are the cheerleaders voicing their opinions. They, apparently, will cheer the team blindly on until the club vanishes. Then the final question will be asked, "Where did everyone go, and why?"

Posted 04-08-09

It's always something: a car turns out to be something different than advertised; lack of communication; things that haven't been fully thought through that then blow up; too many perceptions on both sides.

When you tell people you want honest opinions, don't get mad when you get them.

Posted 04-08-09

It's cheaper to silence paying members than to fix the problems that caused them in the first place.


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nomad200  RLC™# 47901

Detention Tom!

They are out of control right now on the RLC site. Four people moderated this week. Scott386 just got moderated for 30 days for posting the little "Ban roll-on" jumping up and down. My thread that I started yesterday has disappeared.

I think the big move is on to finally flip the RLC™ into the "New" Blue Real Riders® Club. Like any good conspiracy, they must "off" the competition before executing their plans. Just wanted to let you know that while Scott, Mantis, and you are in detention that I shall be monitoring the situation closely. I have a counter plan underway that will make TAZ the programmer of the new site's software. Spellcheck alone should take years.  

Enjoy your vacation!

Tinkrsup  RLC™# 45196

Cruzinrod and I have had our disputes; one of them caused me to be moderated for close to 5 months. In fact, I petitioned HWC Chris to get back on, and he agreed. It is widely known that there are favorites in this club, and cruzinrod wields his power amongst his favorites.

I copied his comments about your post, and said, "isn't this a bit too much?" It wouldn't be so bad if he just said, NO MORE, you have been moderated, but he decided to mock you. I am surprised he didn't say, "do not pass go, do not collect $200..."

bbussey  RLC™# 348


I posted a firm and lengthy retort in PM form to Cruzinrod for his overzealous reaction to your satirical thread. I don't know if it will have any effect regarding the month-long penalty, but I figured it couldn't hurt. If I receive a reply, I'll let you know.

I think it means that your posts are going to be under moderation for a month. Roger (cruzinrod) responded to my initial post and I replied to his response as well. Maybe they will reconsider. But, yes, you'll have to toe the party line for now.



I asked the administration if they would please remove your moderation because I felt responsible, but it seems that someone feels that anything that pokes fun at Mattel is irritating and disruptive to the other members.

In other words, no more criticism in any form, because there are a select few that don't find it as funny as we do. I could always get a laugh on these boards... now it seems that's wrong. Let me know what Roger tells you, I think someone is putting pressure on him to clean this up.