Posted 04-07-09

Who's up for an account moderation?

A simple "yes" or "no" is all that should be posted, if you feel you must post at all. You'll receive a moderation if you choose to answer "yes."

No arguments/rebuttals about who, what, where, when, why or how. No opinions about how unfair certain members are being treated. No pleas or proposals to let moderated members off the hook, no diatribes, no emotes, no cute remarks. No references about cheerleaders, truth speakers, butt kissers, haters. No images... you get the idea.

Just "yes" or "no." The proverbial "ID" count is up to 4.

No one is saying you can't respectfully voice your concerns on this site about the HWC/RLC, products, quality or lack thereof and your expectations, ideas and disappointments. You're encouraged to do it with a civil tone, but you can't attack any members on this site when you voice your concerns. Please post complaints in the proper forum, or privately with an administrator.

This PLAYINGMANTIS/Rex Monaco feud (and all the participants involved) has escalated way out of line.

It stops now, I wasn't kidding. I have been consulting with another moderator and an administrator regarding this. Any actions taken on any account has been done with unanimous consensus, with no trace of enthusiasm or zeal.

That said, you can hate, dislike, loathe, despise, detest, abominate, abhor or find distasteful anyone you like... but posting those views on this site will not be tolerated.

Posted 04-10-09

I understand the need to keep members from bashing one another—but really—a topic titled "Who's up for an account moderation?"

I believe the issue could have been stated in a way that didn't come across as pompous or threatening. I'm afraid all this type of title will do is further strengthen the perception that some Mods are on a power trip.

I don't disagree with the message, but I do disagree with the presentation.


Posted 04-10-09

Respectfully, +1

Posted 04-10-09

Yeah, I thought that was a bit flippant myself.

Posted 04-10-09

Joe, very well written, I wanted to express the same feelings in regards to this thread but couldn't find the right words without coming across overly negative. I do understand and agree with Roger's message and frustrations but found the title and tone to be very condescending and offensive. In my opinion this type of message is just as much a detriment to the health of the club as the members it is trying to address.

I am a long standing member of this club (since '01) and have always tried to provide a positive and upbeat disposition in my discussions (you can check the archives). I have never been moderated or caused any trouble here, but strongly disagree with this type of bullying on a consumer website.

So in protest to this thread and attitude my answer to your question is a very loud YES!

Posted 04-10-09

Yo Cruz. I'm going to tip my toe in the water with Brother Joe on this, kind of like putting your big toe in the Amazon (please don't bite it off).

Posted 04-10-09

Hi, Rog. Not meaning to call ya out er nuttin'... but the boards seemed to me to be quieting down before you posted this.

Posted 04-10-09

Wasn't this handled with the locking of the last batch of threads and the moderation of various members?

While the intent may be sincere, the presentation simply exacerbates the situation rather than de-escalating it.

Note: Two postings on this thread (by CorvetteChris and NCHWA) were simply edited out of existence.


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clamjuice  RLC™# 35801

I've been moderated for about a month now. I tried to be funny and post "yes" to Roger's moderation thread. He came on and told me, "Congratulations, 30 days has been added to the end of your current moderation."

What a prick. I've never liked the guy, he seems to think his shit don't stink, and that he is above us all. I don't know if it's true or not, but that's what I get from his posts.

quantum  RLC™# 34272

I wouldn't have given him the satisfaction. But I think your analysis of him is dead on.

scott386  RLC™# 31282

 The "Are you buying the Ferrari" thread has 1750 Views and only 1 person said they are going to buy it. Interesting. Even AGENTAIR thinks it's a POS.


Air better watch it or he'll get a timeout too.

Note: Since the beginning of, AGENTAIR ran Airland— a section of the site "featuring the Iron Box News Page, Sneek Peeks, and more information than you need to know." As well as bringing his extensive personal database on line as a search engine, he was given preview products and info to help him keep articles updated. Around the same time Amy Boylan left, Mattel's admins reduced AGENTAIR's status to a simple membership, electing to use his database, which they now owned, and their own in-house personnel. Airland was renamed the Virtual Collection&mdash and promptly stagnated.