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What We Do

Glass For Streeters® provides shelter and care to rescued Neet Streeters™ from all over the United States. The GFS program is led by a team of highly trained specialists whose credentials and experience are among the best in the nation. When a car is brought in to our facility, it is immediately given a thorough examination and assessed for temperament and disposition. A rehabilitation plan is outlined, and we begin an individualized program of surgical attention and physical therapy. Our goal is to not only provide glass for Streeters, but to also help them become happy, freewheeling Blue Real Riders® vehicles.

Smooth Creamy Skin

Photo comparing a 1996-issue India casting (left) and a Blue Real Riders® Retro Resto.

Glassed Augmentation

When the patient is fully cured, we schedule the next procedure— glassed implants. The benefits of glass augmentation surgery can be substantial. The obvious benefit to the procedure is a more appealing physical appearance, but many Neet Streeters™ experience a considerable increase in self-esteem after a glass augmentation surgery.

Many hobbyists would simply cut a sheet of clear styrene to make a window. However, Glass For Streeters® places such importance upon function that our front & rear windscreens are actually carved from acrylic nearly a full millimeter thick. This painstaking process enhances clarity and durability, making our windows more resistant to cloudiness and scratches. With new glass, the car's interior piece must also have the front corners carefully reworked for a proper fit. After countless clinical trials, the windshields are epoxied into place.

Wheel Transplants

Glass For Streeters® puts the car on a waiting list for a Real Riders® transplant, until a suitable donor is found. By accident or by Dremel™, proper axle sets soon become available, and "lowering" the car to correct the stance is simply a trial-and-error process. Repeated test-fittings by the dozens insure tight tolerances, both front and rear, while still allowing the car to roll freely.

Low-angle photo shows chassis work; the car's glass for Streeters® implants are barely visible.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Obviously, these modifications are centered on the removal of metal with the least ground clearance. First, we eliminate the "Taz tabs". These are disk-shaped features that approximate brake rotors. Under hard downward pressure or weight, they act as "stops", keeping the wheels and axles from being bent up into the wheelwell cavity. However, we're trying to move the wheels up into the wheelwell cavity. A tab-ectomy only takes a few minutes, and recovery is immediate. Then the rear spring shackle features are cut off flush with the trunk floor. The "ladder bars" are retained simply for their visual appeal.

In the front, a reinforcement running between the front wheels is ground down. On earlier India-style castings, the grinder is also used to remove the side-exit exhaust pipes. The chassis piece is then de-burred, and sharp edges are filed smooth.

The results of a successful operation to remove large growths from a Streeter's rear end.

Don't Get Screwed

The final reconstructive procedure bonds the car together using advanced technology. Simply put, we use a chemical mechanism involving the curing of bisphenol resins with aliphatic polyamines, resulting in catalytic polymerization of the incorporated epoxide groups. Following a few hours of bed rest, the patient is again examined. If complications are observed, our comprehensive care plan is amended to allow a return to surgery as soon as possible to correct the condition. Occasionally, this is necessary despite the rigorous application of numerous mock-ups, test-fittings, and clinical trials. In most cases, however, we are able to move the vehicle and begin physical therapy on an out-patient basis within a day or two of the vehicle's repair.

After surgery, Neet Streeters™ are started on a synergistic rehabilitation program with oversight from a physical therapist. During this therapy, we assess the cars' health and temperament in order to make the best adoption matches possible. When Streeters are relinquished by owners, our staff makes every attempt to collect a thorough history of that car. In an effort to make good matches between people and Streeters and to place cars in lifelong homes, we are always available for adoption counseling and expert follow-up assistance, such as Hot Wheels® history lessons, medical services, and behavior counseling.

BRR® Club Signature Series

Only Classics™ series Streeters can become BRR® Signature cars.

Our Special Purpose