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Posted 05+04=09

redryder31  RLC™# 22294

I think they're getting ideas from the BRRC.

armataz  RLC™# 1903

Wow, I'm kinda surprised. I like the casting and color... but the powder blue enamel paint and redline deep dish Real Riders make it look like it belongs in the Ultra Hots/Affinity series cars at K-mart. I liked them too, but it's a tough sell at 20 bucks shipped when those sold for 5 bucks in stores.

steven  RLC™# 4471

Also, this is exactly the color and the wheels that would win the vote if this casting was in the sELECTIONs series.

crum_a  RLC™# 43020

I think they're getting ideas from the BRRC.

BRRC would have done a much better job.

Dreaming about Blue Real Riders... can you ever really have enough

boxerr  RLC™# 21378

Yuck. Another sELECTIONs Blue with Real Riders.
Come on, Mattel.

HWC Marketing Staffer  RLC™# 39998

Originally posted by PLAYINGMANTIS:
Are we allowed to not like anything HW's makes?
I'm suprised these threads haven't been EDITED or closed.

Yes. You're allowed.

Of course, if we want to go back to the "good old days" of the site which you always refer to, we can change that policy.

I know we're still un-moderating folks because the original regime found their remarks "sarcastic."

Based on your account notes, seems like you're intimately aware of this original policy. That must be why you're so surprised.

Of course, even us "Marketing gurus" have our limits. So if you feel like pushing them, be my guest.

ol67gto  RLC™# 39831

If they were $10, I would buy 2!
Hey, it's Blue with Real Riders... Can't go wrong with that combo!

36ford  RLC™# 16448

OMG, you mean it's still for sale? How can that be?

I thought that dude would sell out quicker than a Blue Drag Bus with Real Riders.

I did buy a Larry's Garage Packard the other day at Meijer's for $2.99, though. I needed an extra one to do wheel swaps with. It's the easy way to get Real Riders wheels, you know. Seeing as how you can get them anywhere.

armataz  RLC™# 1903

Warning: Not for viewing by the certifiably insane, or those lacking the ability of enjoying extreme humor.

The caption should read, "Where's the Spectraflame?" from the look on Frodo's face...

crum_a  RLC™# 43020

I hear that if you throw one of those Hobbit Wheels into a fire that it will glow brilliantly as though it were actually covered with Spectraflame paint.

Dreaming about Blue Real Riders... can you ever really have enough

steven  RLC™# 4471

WOW! nobody comes close to your originality, creativeness and execution!  

Mattel really does need to get you on their payroll!

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You can change that.

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