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Posted 04-05-09

Custom Oddo Crystal Cobra

First, the name. From HotWheelsCollectors.com's Red Line Club Sneak Peeks Archive:

First conceived 40 years ago, and appearing on every single original Hot Wheels® blister in 1968, the "lost Redline®" era car has been tooled up for 2008 and dubbed the Custom Otto in honor of its original designer, packaging artist Otto Kuhni!

One of the challenges facing Larry Wood and the design team was creating a 3-D version of the car, which was initially only seen in the original low-angle illustration done by Otto Kuhni for the 1968 blister package.

The finished Custom Otto debuted at the 2008 New York Toy Fair. The most notorious rendition of the car is described in the video below.

My "Custom Oddo" is a response to that.

custom oddo cobra front custom oddo cobra top custom oddo cobra rear

Since its creation in 1976, the Neet Streeter has never had windows.

You can change that.

Glass for Streeters
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