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Posted 02-28-08

I will re-post what I put in another thread regarding no more blue from now on:

No promises.

A couple of you did correctly interpret this first round of Selections (Thugs vs. Bugs) as being awfully cliched. Intentionally so. You like Mustangs and VWs? Well then - here they all are. Vote for your favorite child. Let's get all the baggage out of the way with this first one so we can get some new stuff in here.

Believe it or not, we're just as sick of making the same stuff over and over as you guys claim to be. And yet - you always vote for it.

There were bets at the beginning of if we'd be making yet another blue Mustang with RRs. I had faith. But someone's eating on my dime tonight.

Five months later, in an unrelated topic, one member posted a thought which was promptly edited:

peavine  RLC™# 47814

I am going to stick up for NitroMike for the following reasons:

peavine  RLC™# 47814

[HWC Staffer] you are right —you did not refer to the first sELECTIONs as garbage, you used the word baggage. I stand corrected and apologize for misquoting you.


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